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Rock Slayer Off-Road

About The 4-Link Kit System

Rock Slayer Off-Road

Noah Doyle, the owner of Rock Slayer Off-Road, has been wheeling in the foothills and mountains of Southern California for over 30 years

After many years of dealing with the frustration of so many aftermarket parts and kits failing, Noah learned they just didn’t hold up on the trails due to limited wheel travel, control, and speed. So he began to design and modify until he developed the only 4-Link Kit system out on the market, and in doing so, he created the "Super 4-Link."

What Sets Us Apart

Rock Slayer Off-Road

Our suspension design is unique; it handles the vehicle well on rugged terrain and paved roads. Our kits are fully tunable and adjustable that too with ease. Our 4-link kits offer the most wheel articulation on the market. Our kits are available for:

  • Ford
  • Chevy
  • Dodge
  • Toyota
  • Jeep
  • Any other vehicle desired. Contact us for custom orders