4 Link Suspension Kits

At Rock Slayer Off-Road, we know what makes a superior suspension kit for off-road vehicles, so we decided to make them ourselves. Our 4 link suspension kits are built to last your vehicle through years of off-roading. If you’re ready to move past leaf springs and truly invest in this exciting hobby, it’s time to look at a 4 link suspension kit from Rock Slayer Off-Road.

Why Our 4 Link Suspension Kits?

Rock Slayer Off-Road

Our 4 link kits came out of a deep love of off-roading, which informed the design of the Rock Slayer Off-Road’s unique 4 link suspension kit. For over 30 years, our founder has enjoyed off-roading in the foothills of Southern California, and we test all our kits in the Hammers, just an hour away from our facilities.

Easily tuned and adjusted, our 4 link systems make rough and off-road terrain easier for any Toyota, Jeep, Ford, Chevy, Dodge and more to handle. Our suspension kits work for nearly all off-roading, including rock crawling, snow ripping, and mud bogging.

All our kits are easy to install without modification to your vehicle’s existing frame. In addition, our kits are double-triangulated, and keep your vehicle at stock-ride height — and this in spite of our elimination of the pan-hard bar.

We can build custom 4 link suspension kits, so yours works for your vehicle no matter what axles you are running. In addition, we carry everything you need to easily install our kits on your vehicle, with no back-and-forth about the fit of different kit parts or warranty issues.

You deserve to invest in your hobby by purchasing one of our custom 4 link suspension kits to extend the life of your off-road vehicle for years to come. To get your kit, call +1 (909) 567-9593, email [email protected], or message us directly for a quote today. We’ll see you on the rocks.